Enhance Retail Execution and Unlock Brand Visibility with Cutting-Edge Technology

by | Mar 23, 2023

Do you want to react to changes in the retail market before your customers do? With tech-enabled crowdsourcing, you can get actionable insights in near real-time. And you can get them from every single store that matters to you – so you can take store-by-store action to increase distribution, improve execution, and grow your market share.

Continue reading to learn how Premise can help you drive up sales with actionable insights into your retail presence.

Experience a new level of accuracy and confidence in your market research

Outdated market research methods, like store panels, don’t provide the insights you need to take specific actions in-store, inhibiting your ability to compete and succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace. The data you receive can be outdated, inflexible, and costly. 

However, Premise offers actionable data and real-time insights from 6 million Contributors worldwide, to give business leaders the insights needed to help drive up sales  — and at a fraction of the cost. Our platform gives you access to the intelligence required for making informed business decisions in today’s ever-changing markets. With Premise, you can quickly spot out-of-stocks, track competitor pricing in real-time, monitor compliance, and more!

Unlock full transparency in your consumer experience

Manufacturers in today’s economic landscape need access to actionable data that will give them complete transparency over their consumer journey. Luckily, modern market research enables businesses to obtain the needed data both rapidly and flexibly, so they can adapt as the market changes.

For example, manufacturers and bottlers pour millions of dollars into planograms and promotions without knowing for sure whether they worked, or were even implemented correctly in stores! Many promotion analytics come in after the promotion is finished, when it’s too late to make any adjustments, leaving manufacturers with nothing more than “better luck, next time” insights.

Instead, manufacturers need rapid insights that come complete with clear recommendations for store-specific actions. That’s exactly what they get with the near real-time insights that tech-enabled crowdsourcing provides. 

Using this same approach, Premise has helped a global beverage manufacturer adjust their retail execution strategy for a new product launch, based on 1,100 store visits.

Premise’s approach has given Category Managers the ability to check if their recommendations are being implemented in-store across four different markets. We recently improve cooler execution for a beverage company in South Africa and helped a global leader in the battery space exponentially expand their presence across Mexico.

Get instantaneous feedback on the success of your retail execution

Companies need access to real-time data to stay ahead of the competition. With consumer insights, businesses can stay up-to-date as changes in the marketplace continue to accelerate.

Rapid store-by-store insights like these help brands take action to improve their sales. Unlike conventional market research practices, which typically offer reports weeks later on a city or state/province scale, modern market research like this delivers store-level information for store-level action. Manufacturers no longer have to guess what action they need to take! 

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