Brazilians Recognize Impact of Deforestation, Some Hopeful Lula Can Help


Tracking Global Events | 5 December 2022

In November 2022, UNFCCC members countries met at COP27 to discuss and pledge their countries’ commitment to combat climate change. During the conference, Brazil’s President Elect Lula promised a radical change in Brazil’s national policy concerning climate change—achieving zero deforestation in Brazil by 2030 and implementing a crackdown on environmental crime that ran unbridled under the previous administration. To better understand the views of the Brazilian people on their Government’s effectiveness and commitment to curbing deforestation and climate change, Premise released a survey across the country asking about these issues.


  • Brazilians follow information about deforestation in their country. 30% responded they follow very closely and 52% somewhat closely.
  • Respondents are not optimistic in the short term on the country’s ability to curb deforestation, despite incoming president Lula pledging to do so. 42% of respondents believe that the rate of deforestation will increase in the next four years, while 33% believe it will remain the same.
  • However, 55% of those surveyed are confident that Lula’s pledge for “zero deforestation” by 2030 will be met.
  • Brazilians are split on the government’s effectiveness in detecting, reducing, and intervening in illegal mining, cattle ranching, and logging that are destroying the rainforest.
  • Of those activities listed, Brazilians are least confident in their governments effectiveness at combating illegal logging with 58% responding the government was “very ineffective” or “somewhat ineffective” at doing so.
  • 46% of Brazilians surveyed believe that deforestation in Brazil greatly contributes to the larger impacts of climate change across the world, while only 9% believe it does not contribute.

Degree of Harm Each Country
Poses to Brazil’s Forests

How much responsibility does the Brazilian Government have to Brazilians and the Global community to slow down deforestation in the country?


Between November 28th and November 30th, Premise launched a survey to a stratified sample of Brazilian contributors, with quotas on age, Gender, and region. Premise received 1,977 responses across the vast majority of regions in Brazil.

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