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Discover the Unknown in Real-time, Around the World

For your organization to excel around the world, you need accurate information to help you inform your strategies. Crowdsourcing this information enables you to get accurate, ground-level information quicker than ever before.

Location Discovery can be used to help your business answer a range of different questions. Here are a few ways location discovery can be used.

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Location Service Use Cases and Resources

Unilever Case Study

Unilever utilizes Premise to map first mile supply chain in remote areas of Indonesia

location based data

Why Real-Time Insights are Essential to Location Services

Learn how real-time insights can make them more accurate, efficient, and credible

Point-of-Interest Data In Kenya

How to validate and update POI database at scale

Traditional market research methods are slow and outdated, proving to be ineffective for bringing accurate insights to decision makers like you.

At Premise, we’re disrupting the market research industry by collecting real-time data with our agile technology and engaged Contributor network. A leading multinational consumer goods company needed visibility into a crucial part of its first mile supply chain in order to measure ESG impacts of sourcing palm fruits. Within a few months, our Contributors mapped thousands of individual palm collection points across the region, with each location accompanied by qualitative observations and photographs.

The Advantage of Premise

Real-Time Insights to Optimize Location Services Assets

Get Credible Insights

To improve credibility and consistently have accurate POIs, location services need people to collect data and report their findings constantly.

Reduce Labor Costs

Unlike traditional, expensive market research household panels or full-time employees, Premise Contributors are unbiased gig workers that collect dozens of data points in the field using their mobile phones at an unmatched value.

location based data

Hours and Offerings

Gather business hours of operation and their offerings quickly and easily, as well as any changes to them.

Maximize Active Users and Revenue

Location services can’t retain users if the information on them isn’t correct. When these apps are correct, users will gravitate to them. Not only does this retain them, but it can also grow active user counts, ultimately increasing revenue.


Identify New Locations or Verify Existing Ones Quickly and Easily

Geospatial Analytics

Business Discovery:

Task Contributors to locate any business, yours or otherwise, in a specific location so you don’t have to.

Proximity Identification:

Understand the dynamic environments around your businesses or retail locations including surrounding stores, neighborhood, etc.

Location Verification:

Using addresses, GPS or longitude and latitude to verify places or buildings are where they are reported to be.


Collect data to map a variety of different information on the ground including infrastructure (physical structures, electrification, etc.), access points, services, businesses and more.

Hours and Offerings:

Gather business hours of operation and their offerings quickly and easily, as well as any changes to them.

Site Selection:

Location discovery can also provide insight that can be helpful for determining new locations within a region.