Data for Every Decision™

On-Demand Insights for International Development

Traditional data collection is slow, costly, and limited in scope. Premise offers a new kind of data collection that allows agile, data-driven decision-making and puts local voices at the center of your data.


Actionable Insights with Crowdsourcing

Premise is an on-demand insights platform built to accommodate the data capture requirements and standards of the market research, government, and international development industries.

Remote Monitoring

Built to meet the largest scale data collection and analysis needs of development donors funding activities in challenging environments.

Audience Analysis for Social & Behavior Change

Get the insights you need to design, test, implement, monitor, and evaluate social and behavior change activities.

Trustworthy Data


Premise offers the best practices and innovations in data collection tailored to the realities of low and middle-income countries.

Use Premise for surveys with standard or custom sampling methods, including representative, quota, or convenience sampling, and post-stratification weighting. Premise’s mapping solutions can meet your organization’s spatial data needs across scales—from the hyperlocal to the global—and across social, cultural, physical, and political boundaries.

Read more about how to do surveys and points of interest mapping with Premise.

The Advantage of Premise

Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection


We make the data lifecycle easy by combining data collection and analysis, a network of data Contributors, and expert advice into a single product.


Our network of over 5 million smartphone users spans 140 countries, including in rural and fragile contexts.


Use Premise to task our Contributors in minutes and gain real-time visibility into local context.


Data quality control, information security, and data collection capabilities built on industry best practices and scientific standards.

Success Stories

How Development Partners Use Premise

Feed the Future Senegal and Premise Crowdsource Food Safety Market Assessment

Food Enterprise Systems used Premise to map fresh and dried fish and seafood endpoints of sale and assess the food safety conditions and procedures at those vendors. The data was used to inform selection of businesses for participation in the program.

USAID Obtains COVID-19 Situational Analysis of Hard-to-Reach Areas of Burkina Faso, DRC, and Nigeria

The COVID-19 Situational Analysis project used Premise to collect data from regions with limited humanitarian access in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Nigeria. Premise Contributors gathered a mix of survey and interview data to understand how COVID-19 was impacting people’s lives and livelihoods.

Crowdsourcing Contextual Monitoring Data in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Dexis Consulting used Premise to measure proxy indicators of gang influence and survey residents’ intention to migrate in high crime neighborhoods for a USAID monitoring and evaluation activity. The data proved a strong correlation between gang influence and resident’s intentions to migrate from Honduras and, as such, formed the basis of new programming initiatives.

USAID Project Used Premise to Pair Satellite and Crowdsourced Data to Accelerate Colombia Humanitarian Response

Under their USAID-funded project, iMMAP’s Colombia Country Office used Premise to validate the existence of informal Venezuelan settlements in Colombia that were identified through satellite imagery. Once validated, Premise contributors assessed the availability of basic WASH infrastructure in the settlements.

Gates Foundation Uses Premise to Monitor Vaccine Service Delivery in Areas of Poor System Performance

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, used Premise to identify private sector health facilities that offered routine immunization services, improve the attribute data on such facilities, measure quality of care, and assess immunization coverage in Kinshasa slums.

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