Audience Analysis

Driving Evidence-Based Social and Behavior Change

With Premise Audience Analysis, you can quickly test, monitor, and adapt your social and behavior change campaigns to increase impact.

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Discover the Key Features of Audience Analysis:

Segment your audience and identify key characteristics

Run a nationally representative survey to segment your audience and understand behavioral factors at play.

Assess the market for products or services that impact priority behaviors

Understand the availability, affordability, and quality of relevant products and services.

Test, monitor, and adapt your campaign

Test messages and creative content, get feedback on how well they’re working in near real-time, and adapt along the way.

Evaluate campaign performance

Conduct a pre-campaign baseline assessment and follow up after to measure reach and impact.

What Makes Premise Different?

A/B Testing

See what really works by testing messages and media with representative audience sub-segments.

Embedded Media

Get target audience reactions to campaign graphics, audio, and video by embedding them into our smartphone-based surveys.

Same-Day Data

Unlike legacy market research companies, we provide data in near real-time.

Existing National Survey Panel

Our survey panel of 6+ million in 140 countries has already completed demographic profiles before taking your survey.

Open-Ended Questions

Ask the questions otherwise reserved for focus groups, but at the scale and speed you need with Premise VideoAI.

Low & Middle
Income Audience

Unlike traditional market researchers, our focus is on reaching audiences in low and middle income countries.

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