Crowdsourcing Insights to Understand the Impact of Myanmar Crisis



About the Report

Gathering information in an environment like Myanmar is difficult due to government censorship and surveillance, necessitating innovative and secure data collection methods. Premise worked with three development research organizations to assess the political, social, and economic landscape of Myanmar as well as the attitudes and behaviors of participants. We collected a total of 1,049 survey responses that reveal interesting insights into the country’s dynamic and challenging environment.

Key insights:

  • A plurality (28%) rely on remittances as their primary source of income
  • 57% report people in their community are dealing with malnutrition
  • 41% feel overwhelmed and exhausted dealing with challenges stemming from the pro-democracy movement


Be more efficient, agile, and effective with real-time, crowdsourced data.

Premise empowers international development and humanitarian aid clients to gather baseline data; track changes over time; gain insight into beneficiary perspectives and on-the-ground realities; and make informed decisions about program implementation and resource allocation.