How to Successfully Navigate a

Supply Chain Crisis

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Supply chain issues have become front and center for most brands and retailers, adding to the complexity of adapting to new shopper behaviors and adjusting stock levels. Join Premise for a discussion on solving supply chain issues, as they share a recent case study with a leading global retailer and the “retail audit” solution that quickly identified the challenge while providing actionable data to resolve it. During this webinar, you’ll discover how you can quickly and affordably capture and uncover insights from the “ground level” and from the perspective of your consumers. You’ll learn about:


  • How brands with perishable goods can optimize their supply chain to prevent expired products from entering shelves;
  • The speedy setup Premise used to implement and kickoff this survey for the company, providing results from a week of data aggregation;
  • The specific supply chain issue identified (expired biscuits being pushed onto retailers by distributors); and
  • How Premise’s Retail Audit allowed for the company to remedy the solution before it got worse.

The Speaker:

Jason Wortham

VP of Solutions Consulting