Price Tracker

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In today’s fast-changing retail landscape, maintaining control over product pricing is essential. Premise’s Price Tracker provides real-time, store by store insights into pricing, so you can ensure in-store price compliance, track competitor pricing, and maximize your revenue.

Price Tracker

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Discover the Key Features of Our Price Tracker:

Track customer prices in real-time

Know exactly what your in-store prices are today, and track how they change over time relative to the category.

Monitor retailer compliance with temporary price reductions

Receive same-day data on how well high-priority stores are executing your TPRs.

Keep track of your competitors

Spot whenever competitors change their prices in near real-time, so you can choose to follow or outflank.

Benchmark your prices against your competitors

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your price positioning within the category, and track shifting category prices over time.

What Makes Premise Different?

Granular Retail Insights

Track SKU-level pricing to ensure your products are perfectly positioned to gain market share.

Same-Day Data

Unlike the old market research companies, we provide data in near real-time.

Global Coverage

Wherever you operate, our global community of 6+ million Contributors is quick to source actionable data in near real-time.

Immediate Actionability

Our customizable alert system keeps you informed about price fluctuations, ensuring you can respond quickly to market dynamics and maintain your competitive edge.

Scalable Solutions

Our pricing plans meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, providing flexibility in your pricing strategy.

Industry Expertise

We leverage our in-depth CPG knowledge to provide actionable insights, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of their respective markets.

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