Rolling Retail Census

Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection

Get access to store-by-store execution intelligence across 100% of traditional trade on a rolling basis – right at your fingertips.

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Driving Up Sales, Distribution & Execution

Our Rolling Retail Census helps brands capture POS category potential to enhance portfolio penetration and pinpoints store-specific opportunities to take immediate action on, including:

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Our online analytics platform gives you unparalleled access to execution intelligence across your entire category, store by store. On MyPremise, you can schedule real-time alerts, get presentation-ready visualizations, and view insights aligned to your sales territories.

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Get Ahead of Your Competition with Premise

Granularity: Our solution sheds light on previously invisible insights within the traditional trade domain, bringing them to the forefront and enabling brands to drive meaningful growth. Through our proprietary methodology, we establish the industry’s most precise database down to the store and SKU level.

Actionability: Syndicated data empowers you to drive meaningful sales growth through targeted measures. Our goal is to uncover actionable opportunities at the point of sales (POS) within specific neighborhoods because we recognize different POS require tailored actions.

Speed of Delivery: Gone are the days when you have to wait months for obsolete market data. We conduct monthly block-by-block store visits to deliver granular and up-to-date insights into your in-store execution so that you can immediately pounce on sales opportunities.

Accelerated Growth: Full category measurements and the rolling nature of our census allow you to track the progress of your efforts to accelerate growth in availability, portfolio penetration, and revenue.