International Development

On-Demand Data for Democracy, Governance, and Stabilization

Traditional context monitoring relies on lagging indicators; shifts in citizen sentiment are detected too late to inform program adaptation.

With Premise, implementers can keep their finger on the pulse—monitoring for program impact and detecting early indicators of escalation toward crises in fragile contexts. Want to learn more?

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Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection

Data Capture Is Limited in Non-Permissive Environments

Premise provides visibility into remote and conflict settings – capturing the perspectives of those already living there.

Contexts Change Faster Than You Can Collect Data

Capture data and analyze data in real time, so you know exactly what is happening right now.

“Invisible Indicators” – Such as Extremist Influence or Disinformation – Go Undetected by Traditional Methods

Premise is a way for any local citizen to share their voice anonymously.

Data from Around the World in One Simple Platform

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Modernize Your Data Collection and Enhance Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Remotely Monitor Citizen Sentiment

Conduct recurring surveys to monitor real-time changes in how citizens perceive their government or to identify trends in drivers of vulnerability to extremism.

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Identify and Counter Misinformation

Combat the spread of misinformation, disinformation and “fake news,” with an understanding of how these corrosive messages enter and flow through society, both in the physical and digital world.

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Detect Proxy Indicators of Instability

Gain visibility into changes in local contexts, from closed businesses to gang graffiti to illegal checkpoints.

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A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case Study

USAID Obtains COVID-19 Situational Analysis of Hard-to-Reach Areas of Burkina Faso, DRC, and Nigeria

The COVID-19 Situational Analysis project used Premise to collect data from regions with limited humanitarian access in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Nigeria. Premise Contributors gathered a mix of survey and interview data to understand how COVID-19 was impacting people’s lives and livelihoods.

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