International Development

On-Demand Data for Economic Growth and Agriculture

Transforming market systems requires a holistic understanding of the systems and commitment to ongoing review and learning.

Premise enables implementers to embrace and adapt to the complexity of markets, moving beyond static value chain snapshots to dynamic, flexible, real-time data on how and why systems fail and function. Want to learn more?

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Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection

Value Chain Assessments Rely on a Known Handful of Key Informants

Broaden your perspective with hundreds of real-world observations.

Farmer Household Surveys Are Slow, Complicated, and Costly

Stop managing enumerators and get insights in real-time.

Market Conditions Change Quickly

Use Premise to keep ahead of changing consumer sentiment and market prices.

Data from Around the World in One Simple Platform

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Modernize Your Data Collection and Enhance Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Monitor Market Prices

Capture real-time, hyper-local fluctuations in the market price of commodities.

product distribution tracker
product distribution tracker

Map and Validate Locations

Identify and validate agricultural input suppliers and local markets.

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Measure Product Availability

Gain insight into availability and cost of agricultural inputs and foods at local markets and agro-dealers, validated through photos and bar codes, as applicable. Measure market penetration of improved technologies.

product distribution tracker
product distribution tracker

Conduct Household Surveys

Geographically target household-level surveys to gain nuanced understanding of agricultural and nutrition practices.

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A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case Study

Feed the Future Senegal and Premise Crowdsource Food Safety Market Assessment

A USAID/Senegal Feed the Future activity used Premise to assess incentives, behaviors, and practices related to food safety practices along the seafood value chain. Premise contributors visited over 500 landing sites, processing sites, and markets around Dakar, georeferencing them and uploading photos of cold storage, fresh foods, and transportation methods. This information was complemented with consumer survey data related to food safety preferences and purchasing habits. The data provided the activity with a rapid yet comprehensive baseline assessment and identified entry points for interventions.

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