International Development

On-Demand Data for Global Health

Great advances have been made across global health in the last few decades, but progress has stalled in many areas, warranting greater innovation. 

By leveraging the Premise network of data Contributors, international development customers gain easy and immediate access to on-the-ground realities of conditions, resources, and activity implementation. Want to learn more?

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Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection

Field Data Collection Is Too Reliant on Health Workers

Gather data using Premise’s community of data Contributors and let health workers get back to what they do best—providing services.

Routine Health Administrative Data Has Major Gaps

Premise enables public health actors to source data on stocks, case numbers, service availability, and other administrative data that is missing from routine reporting.

Social and Behavior Change Requires Better Data

Premise makes it easy to inform audience segmentation, test communication and marketing campaigns, and measure impact—all in the same platform.

Data from Around the World in One Simple Platform

Want to learn more or request a free trial?

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Modernize Your Data Collection and Enhance Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Optimize Immunization Programs

Both routine immunization and mass vaccination campaigns require up-to-date and accurate data on a multitude of factors—foundational health facility and service availability data, likely locations of zero-dose children, and behavioral and social drivers of immunization, for example—to better understand the populations they serve and inform decision-making. 

Premise enables our users to collect the data needed to optimize immunization programs, including:

    • Location discovery and validation
    • Quality of care and fee monitoring
    • Vaccine hesitancy surveys
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Tap Comprehensive Data to Strengthen Health Systems

A strong health system—made up of the people, institutions, resources, and activities involved in healthcare—is the gateway to providing high quality and accessible health care. To know what areas within the system need improvement and investment, data and information on health facility conditions, patient experience, and service and product available are a necessity. 

Premise offers the ability to: 

    • Monitor health service delivery
    • Improve facility attribute data
    • Measure quality of care
    • Assess service coverage and product availability
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Improve Decision-Making for Wash Programs

Universal, affordable, and sustainable access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) forms the foundation to poverty reduction, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Continued progress toward SDG-6—ensuring water and sanitation for all by 2030—is underpinned by a flow of relevant data, enabling timely decision-making on programs and investments. 

Premise enables the actors in the WASH sector to: 

    • Identify and validate locations of water sources 
    • Monitor hygiene product availability
    • Understand water purification methods
    • Improve WASH infrastructure data
    • Monitor for water supply interruptions
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Inform and Monitor Social and Behavior Change Interventions

Raising the level of public health is not only a matter of health systems strengthening or expanding health coverage and access. Improving health outcomes also requires investments in efforts to address social norms and health-seeking behaviors. Long-lasting social and behavior change is dependent on a variety of data to inform successful health behavior change interventions. 

Premise’s network of on the ground Contributors allow development workers to: 

    • Monitor and evaluate attitudes and behaviors
    • Assess the design and progress of interventions
    • Understand misinformation and its sources
    • Identify barriers to healthy behaviors
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A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case Study

Gates Foundation Uses Premise to Monitor Vaccine Service Delivery in Areas of Poor System Performance

To improve immunization coverage in Kinshasa Province, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, used Premise to identify where service deficiencies were likely driving immunization deficits. Contributors were tasked with validating private sector facility locations, collecting data on facility attributes, and performing immunization session exit interviews and household visits.

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