International Development

On-Demand Data for Humanitarian Assistance and Food Security

Improvements in internet penetration, smartphone ownership, and cloud computing are making humanitarian and food security information easier to gather than ever before.

By leveraging the Premise network of data Contributors, aid and development workers gain easy and immediate access to on-the-ground needs, humanitarian access, and service availability. Want to learn more?

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Move Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Data Collection

Needs Assessments Are Overly Reliant on Key Informants

Gather data using Premise’s community of data Contributors to add multi-sectoral or cluster-specific quantitative data to your contextual understanding.

Field Missions to Collect Data Are Expensive and Slow

Draw on information from local Premise Contributors to increase the speed of sourcing humanitarian information while providing resources to local communities.

Humanitarian Information Has a Short Shelf Life

Premise empowers its users to gather high-frequency data while providing the flexibility required to adapt instruments as a crisis evolves.

Data from Around the World in One Simple Platform

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Modernize Your Data Collection and Enhance Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Scale Your Needs Assessments

Rapidly conduct quantitative multi-sector needs assessments, launch sector-specific data collection based on the most pressing needs, and source observational data around key services, such as medical supply availability.

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Monitor Migration and Displacement

Map and validate informal population settlements and assess their needs, segment our Contributor population by displacement status and survey them directly, and survey host communities to understand the impact of displacement.

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Enhance Market Monitoring

Monitor the availability of food and staple goods at a high frequency; source pricing data in a manner that is compliant with weights, measures, and food type standards; and interview market actors to enrich pricing data with local perspectives.

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Remotely Conduct Third Party Monitoring

Monitor activity implementation using citizens living in affected areas, give a voice to affected populations at the design and implementation stages, and monitor local markets for diverted aid.

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A new kind of data collection that allows you to make better decisions, faster.


Premise quickly transforms your questionsfrom the most basic to the most challenginginto tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers.

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Case Study

Informal Settlement Identification and Basic Services Assessment in Colombia

Under their USAID-funded project, iMMAP’s Colombia Country Office uses the Premise Platform to validate the existence of informal Venezuelan settlements in Colombia that were identified through satellite imagery. Once validated, Premise contributors assess the availability of basic WASH infrastructure in the settlements.

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