IIEX Europe in Amsterdam | March 28-29, 2023


Join Premise at IIEX Europe!

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Our industry experts will be there to show how crowdsourcing can yield actionable insight into your whole globalized product journey.

Ask them about:

  • supply chain quality
  • downstream product availability
  • competitor pricing
  • category management
  • in-store insights
  • and more!

If you’re looking for new ways to approach consumer research and boost your product profitability, this is your opportunity!

Join Our Speaking Session on Day 1, Track 1
Tuesday, March 28, 2.20 pm – 2.40 pm

Scientific Games: Know Your Retailer! What is more important – having a great product or a great way to sell it?

Scientific Games is one of the global leaders in the lottery industry, as well as being a B2B business. But when it comes to its in-store product presentation, this is critical for success. Scientific Games manufactures similar products across markets, but their performances vary by market. Why? Has product presentation and positioning got something to do with it?  

This is integral to informing manufacturing strategies and boosting sales. However, Scientific Games believed getting a clear view of this was impossible — until Premise came along. With Premise, Scientific Games can now see all the details it needs to maximize success and shape future strategies!

Hilary Huntington

Laura Elliott

Business Development Executive, Premise

Ryan Furey

Liga Magdalenoka-Keen

Director of International Insights, Scientific Games

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