Ukraine: Healthcare Availability & Infrastructure Update

May 18, 2022

On March 1st Premise began launching a series of humanitarian data collection tasks focused on helping actors involved in the response make more informed decisions.

The update focuses on Ukraine healthcare availability and infrastructure. It was informed by the following data sources collected directly from Ukrainians.

Tasks cover:

    • Ukraine: multi-sectoral needs assessment survey
    • Ukraine: water and sanitation survey
    • Ukraine: healthcare survey
    • Ukraine: displacement survey
    • Ukraine: safety survey
    • Ukraine: pharmacy stock-out monitoring
    • Ukraine: fuel price & availability
    • Ukraine: food security survey
    • Ukraine: food price monitoring
    • Ukraine: fuel price availability
    • Ukraine: household utilities
    • Poland, Moldova, & Romania: refugee processing centers observational data collection
    • Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary: refugee needs assessment survey

Why Premise?

Premise is a two-way global marketplace for high-quality data.

Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field. Applying proven recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly stand up a relevant Contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.

Be more efficient, agile, and effective with real-time, crowdsourced data.

Premise empowers international development and humanitarian aid clients to gather baseline data; track changes over time; gain insight into beneficiary perspectives and on-the-ground realities; and make informed decisions about program implementation and resource allocation.

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