Harness the power of crowdsourced data collection

Gain Visibility Everywhere, from Anywhere

Premise unlocks the power of the crowd. Brands can remotely monitor the in-store implementation of their trade investments. For retailers, banks, restaurants, and hotel chains, the crowd acts as their virtual eyes and ears, monitoring remote corporate and franchise locations, as well as competitors.

Solve Real-World Problems

Premise uses a global network of two million contributors to collect the observational data you need. Our contributors complete tasks providing you with invaluable ground-level insights. Once data has passed through the rigorous quality control process it can be visualized to quickly identify the insights and take proper action.

Global Data

Key Benefits

In-the-Moment Insights.

Capture observations and sentiment ‘in the moment’, while observations are at their most reliable and sentiment is fresh.

Agile Collection.

Our platform was built with speed in mind because we know you need insights quickly to make decisions. See your data as soon as the campaign begins.

Widespread Access.

With global coverage, we can acquire data quickly from almost anywhere, even in some of the most difficult parts of the world.

Cost Effective.

Traditional data collection methods can be costly and labor intensive. Premise helps you cast a wider network, more quickly, more cheaply.

crowdsource market research

Data Collection Capabilities

Smartphones have empowered people worldwide; connecting, entertaining, and increasingly unlocking opportunities to make money. What was initially conceived as a communication device has developed into the most powerful data collection tool that the world has known, capable of taking pictures and screenshots, recording precise location and, of course, capturing quantitative and qualitative observations.

Perhaps more important is the fact that smartphones are everywhere, with global smartphone penetration expected to reach 50% by 2022.

The growing prevalence of ‘smartphone-armed citizen data collectors’ is fast becoming a critical tool for companies that require data collection in their home countries and at all ends of the world. Premise Data leads the way, moderating a task marketplace between contributors and clients, supporting the data collection needs of corporations and non-profits worldwide.