Real-Time Crowdsourced Data

Premise for Business

Protect the integrity of your brand and gain better understanding of your Buyers’ motivations.

Empower clients and communities

We adapt by sourcing data from locals.

How and where your products are displayed at brick-and-mortar stores is critically important for maintaining your brand image. Market intelligence about your competitors on the shelf is helpful too. Premise Contributors can verify the location of your products in the store, the general tidiness and presentation of your visual merchandising, and inventory so you have a real-time understanding of your customer’s point of view. We can also tap our Contributor Network at the point-of-sale to understand buying habits and brand value.

Global Data

Actionable Insights with Crowdsourcing

The Premise platform is changing the way we learn from and adapt to international development work by collecting data from a network of contributors living in and near beneficiary communities. Real-time crowdsourced data has the potential to make humanitarian work more efficient, agile and effective.

General Market Research

When conducting most any market research there’s likely to be an opportunity and need to capture direct ground truth observation, typically in store or where the product is consumed or the service is provided. Use Premise’s data sourcing technology to augment your research.


New Market Entry/Site Selection

Premise helps new stores, restaurants and businesses choose the optimal location for their new enterprise. Ground truth data will help you understand foot traffic patterns, nearby amenities, local competition and more so you can launch your new business location with confidence.


Competitor Monitoring

Monitor price, placement, packaging and promotion changes in real-time by leveraging our tasking platform and Contributor Network.


Brand Management/Visual Merchandising.

You’ve invested a great deal into your product packaging, placement and promotion on the shelf. Premise helps you perform audits so you can ensure retailers are helping you put your best foot forward.


Common Uses

Confirmation of Product and Promotional Placement

Use our on-site ability to capture photographic evidence to manage and audit your product placement in retail stores.

Inventory Checks

Verify or quantify shelf inventory to help forecast demand.

Pricing Checks/Competitive Pricing

Capture price changes daily to understand pricing trends and explore new promotional strategies.

‘Find Time’ for in Store Products

Are you concerned potential buyers are unable to locate your products efficiently in big-box or large super-stores? Premise Contributors can track the time it takes to locate a product starting at the store’s front door.

Restaurant Menu Audits

Use Premise to ensure menu pricing is up-to-date or track price adjustments among your competitors.

price monitoring report
retail audit checklist


Strengthen Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Track progress, results, and effectiveness of development activities with real-time information and insight into on-the-ground developments. Directly survey beneficiaries, gather observational data after project completion, and monitor development activities in target communities.