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Leverage the Gig Economy: How to Generate Alpha Through Crowdsourcing Data

If you’re an investor looking for real-time intelligence & data at scale, say hello to Premise. Mobilizing a global community of smartphone users, Premise provides data solutions to develop, improve and validate your investment process by supplying you with answers to your key research questions.

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kate higgins & ryan furey

Why Attend?

Uncover Hidden Insights

In this session, Senior Business Development Executive Kate Higgins will highlight how Premise can be used within the research process to provide unique inputs into supply chain issues, product pricing and growth, consumer sentiment, and more.

  • How ground-truth data helps you develop better investment theses
  • Why proper growth forecasting benefits from crowdsourced insights
  • How other investors have used real-time crowdsourced data to validate investment opportunities

Date: Thursday, Feb 24 @ 9am PST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Global Data

Want to learn more about Premise Market Research?

Whether you are looking to close information gaps in data dark parts of the world or conduct effective,
real-time competitor monitoring, Premise is the source for your data needs.

Global CPG Brand Uses Premise To Conduct Retail Monitoring in Brazil

One leading global beverage brand came to Premise due to difficulty getting the data they needed to stay competitive. They had trouble auditing their products after they had been distributed in international markets, including Brazil.

Why Premise?

Premise is a two-way global marketplace for high-quality data.

Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field. Applying proven recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly stand up a relevant Contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.