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Agile insights for an ever-changing world.

When we say we’re agile, we don’t just mean how quickly our platform can pivot to source the insights you need. We’re agile in terms of how many tools we’ve developed to suit any circumstance. Whatever changes may happen to your goals, timeline or budgets, our all-in-one platform has the solution that goes with it.
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No more status quo

Market insights methodologies hadn’t innovated in decades. So we reinvented them from the ground up.

Everyone talks about making data-driven decisions. But what they should also be talking about is the speed, scale and quality of the data they’re using. Our unique combination of technology and community guarantees the insights you’re basing your critical decisions on will arrive quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Straight from the source.


When your data is this real-time and relevant, so are your decisions.

Making the right decision requires you to be there. But traditionally, being there has been too slow and costly to do at scale. Well, not anymore. Our global community’s unique ability to capture insights fast will keep your decisions relevant 24/7. It’s one thing to make decisions based on the data you have today. It’s even better to make decisions based on the data you get tomorrow.

Insights at scale

Across 140 countries and counting.

Wherever you operate, our global community of 6 million Contributors are quick to lend their insights. They’ve performed more than 100 million tasks to date. And our app reaches them across 30 languages, leaving no more barriers between you and the insights you need.


With Premise, you win and our community wins, too.

Individuals get paid for sharing their opinions and local discoveries.

And you get Data for
Every Decision™

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