Premise’s New End-To-End Solutions for International Development

by | Apr 2, 2024


Over Premise’s twelve-year history, many major brands and global development organizations have partnered with us to test the transformative concept of empowering local citizens to gather actionable data.

Premise’s approach cuts the middleman, reduces operational costs, and streamlines the data collection process. We have significantly enhanced the efficiency, affordability, and scalability of field data collection so our customers can quickly measure and monitor virtually anything they need to know.

In this time, we’ve also learned what works well and what doesn’t for our customers and company. Separating the wheat from the chaff, we’re taking the best of a multitude of potential use cases and turning them into refined, end-to-end solutions, from data collection design to insight generation.

As a result, using Premise will no longer just mean faster and cheaper data. By standardizing data collection around best practice-based survey components and sampling plans, we’re automating insights generation in a way that makes it easy to understand what decision to make.

We’ve already made great strides in the commercial realm by introducing Rolling Retail Census and Price and Availability Trackers. Now, for our international development and public sector customers, we’re honing in on two key areas where we can make the most significant impact: Audience Analysis and Remote Monitoring.

Audience Analysis

Many international development projects use social and behavior change (SBC) activities, often relying on community health volunteers to communicate new messages. They mainly use household surveys and focus groups for research, monitoring, and evaluation. Now, more projects are turning to mass media—especially digital media—to change beliefs and behaviors. However, traditional research and M&E tools struggle in the digital realm, failing to capture online audiences and adapt to fast-paced campaigns.

Premise’s Audience Analysis solution caters to SBC needs, combining a survey panel of digital media consumers with tailored data collection and analysis tools. This enables: 1) baseline research, including precise audience segmentation and understanding key behavior influencers; 2) digital testing of campaign content; and 3) monitoring of real-time performance and effectiveness for mid-campaign adaptive management—not just numbers for quarterly reports.

Remote Monitoring

Development donors have seen their ability to travel within the countries they serve significantly constrained by increased insecurity and reduced risk tolerance. More donor interactions now occur in capital cities, and they’re detached from the people their programs are meant to serve. Yet, donors face a heightened and growing expectation to prove the efficacy of funding—well-implemented activities that achieve the desired impact without squandering or misusing resources.

In response, Premise has designed a Remote Monitoring solution that: 1) helps donors stay up-to-date on emerging issues, take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, and react to unexpected political and economic or social events; and 2) addresses the challenge of humanitarian and health product diversion from donors’ most geographically dispersed and highly funded activities, all while monitoring residents’ experience with these interventions through recurring surveys.

Tailored, Efficient, and Impactful Experiences

We at Premise are excited about this shift to end-to-end solutions, and we hope you will be too. By standardizing data collection and automating insights generation, we’re offering greater efficiency, affordability, and scalability for data-driven development efforts. We’re confident your experience with Premise is about to become more tailored, efficient, and impactful.