Identifying Gaps in the Execution of Promotion Displays Using Rapid Store-level Data

Case Study



Solely, the innovative, clean-food company behind the modern fruit chew craze, launched a nationwide display across 1,200 big box retailers. Given the significant capital investment and numerous compliance challenges in the past, Solely’s C-Suite aimed to safeguard their investment’s integrity.

Solely Case Study


Premise swiftly entered confirmed distribution points and documented display presence, execution, and the competitive landscape. Premise findings revealed that only 14% of stores had Solely’s designated display on the floor within the contracted service level agreement (SLA).

Solely Case Study


Solely identified poor in-store execution and issued mitigating action to the big box retailer. As a result, the clean-food company secured a two-week extension for their promotion from the big box retailer.

Next Steps

Premise and Solely are now extending their efforts to audit all other big box retailers to ensure flawless in-store execution across the board. They aim to equip leadership with real-time decision-making capabilities based on comprehensive insights gathered from multiple distribution channels.