Category Management Monitor Case Study

Category Management Tracking for a Global Beverage Company


Category Management teams at a major carbonated soft drink company needed to ensure their key accounts were giving a high share of shelf to their big bets. Yet they lacked independent data from inside stores to verify correct execution.

Solution & Impact

Premise was able to track share of facings on a monthly basis across 1,000 modern trade stores in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Premise contributors visited the outlets to take photos, which were then analyzed manually and via artificial intelligence to produce both store by store and market-wide analytics. This enabled the customer to track their category strategies across LATAM through a single partner while having the flexibility to adapt their analytics to each market’s exact requirements.

Category Management Tracking for a Global Beverage Company

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Highlighted In-Store Solution

Category Management Monitor

Gain direct insight into how your entire category is stocked by your key accounts - both your products and competitor products - in every store that matters to you.

Product Presence

Confirm which products are available to shoppers at the time of store visit, from brand level down to SKU level.

Share of Shelf

Understand share of shelf for a brand, product or SKU, including calculating facings defined by brand / sub-brand and category / sub-category.

Planogram Compliance

Establish the placement and position of a product or brand and confirm its correct execution against a planogram.

Point of Sale Material

Confirm the presence, placement and visibility as well as execution of Point of Sale Materials.

Product Pricing

Understand the exact selling price and any available price promotions and types for a product.

Display Presence & Assessment

Establish the presence, execution and compliance of different display types by brand.