Distribution Tracker Case Study

Informing Sales & Distribution Decisions In Sub-Saharan Africa


A global CPG organization needed visibility into its tobacco distribution, pricing, sales, and competition across the traditional retail sector in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Solution & Impact

Premise identified more than 800 traditional retail outlets and captured sales data and inventory and merchandising images from each, helping the client make informed sales and distribution decisions in an area of the market where brands typically have a low level of visibility.

Informing Sales & Distribution Decisions In Sub-Saharan Africa

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Highlighted In-Store Solution

Distribution Tracker

Track product distribution and pricing to understand gaps in the market and track progress month over month.

Product Presence

Confirm which products are available to shoppers at the time of store visit, from brand level down to SKU level.

Cooler Product Assessment

Understand share of cooler by product and assess cooler and display purity.

Cooler Presence & Type

Establish the presence, positioning, type and characteristics of coolers.

Product Pricing

Understand the exact selling price and any available price promotions and types for a product.