Execution Insights Case Study

Correcting Poor Retail Execution in International Outlets


With almost no visibility into the execution of several international retail operators, a manufacturer needed to identify the cause for reduced distribution orders for a popular brand of biscuit.

Solution & Impact

In just 5 days, Premise reported the results of retail execution checks in multiple countries. The customer discovered that in several retail locations, products more than a year old were still available on shelves — and moved to correct it.

Correcting Poor Retail Execution in International Outlets

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Execution Insights

Discover immediate fixes to your retail execution with actionable, verified, same-day data from your most important outlets.

Product Presence

Confirm which products are available to shoppers at the time of store visit, from brand level down to SKU level.

Product Pricing

Understand the exact selling price and any available price promotions and types for a product.

Point of Sale Material

Confirm the presence, placement and visibility as well as execution of Point of Sale Materials.

Product Positioning

Understand where in the store the products can be found.

Cooler Product Assessment

Understand share of cooler by product and assess cooler and display purity.

Cooler Presence & Type

Establish the presence, positioning, type and characteristics of coolers.