CPG Brands: A Cutting-Edge Strategy for In-Store Execution Intelligence

Despite accounting for roughly $3.7 trillion in annual consumer spend, traditional trade has long been a mystery when it comes to up-to-date data on pricing, in-stocks, temporary price reductions, and shelf visibility. Traditional intelligence gathering methods are too blunt, and become stale before they reach decision makers.
But with Premise’s suite of execution intelligence tools, CPG brands are armed with cutting-edge competitive intelligence tools tailored for traditional trade markets.
Discover how leading CPG brands have gained the competitive edge with Premise.

Learn How To:

Gather actionable data on pricing, in-stocks, TPRs, and SOVI

Solve out-of-stocks and hold distributors accountable

Fine-tune pricing strategies to win your store, zone, and region

Compare your distribution and execution to every other product in the category, across 100% of traditional trade

Finally unlock the full potential of traditional trade markets

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