Premise’s Market Performance System Connects Market Share To Store-Level Execution

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With innovative technology and predictive modeling, Premise offers organizations local store presence at a global scale

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26th, 2023 — Premise, the global on-demand market insights company, is introducing its most advanced market measurement platform yet. 

Powered by Premise’s innovative smartphone survey technology and its extensive global Contributor community, Market Performance System (MPS) revolutionizes share of market analysis. By enriching the data with actionable insights from the Rolling Retail Census at the point of sale, manufacturers gain a precise understanding of growth opportunities within the traditional trade channel and actionable steps to capitalize on them.

Premise’s comprehensive coverage and timely market insights in the largest consumer channel exemplify its commitment to surpassing legacy methods. With unparalleled accuracy and in-depth information, Premise empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions that drive success in the ever-evolving market.

Companies spend billions a year on market measurement data sets, and until now their actionability has been limited due to out-of-date data and black-box sampling methods. By applying sellout prediction models to its Rolling Retail Census data, a fully integrated MPS empowers marketing teams to seamlessly translate market share trends down to store-level opportunities. Now, when a gap or loss of share is identified, they can immediately pinpoint the where and the when, passing focused opportunities on to sales teams.

MPS leverages Premise’s smartphone survey technology and its well-established global Contributor community of over 6 million people in over 140 countries. They deliver real-time data points that are constantly enriching its Rolling Retail Census to provide relevant and actionable insights for 100% of the traditional trade channel in key markets.  

“We have re-engineered from the ground up how the market is measured in order to provide leaders with the tools they require to move the needle on their share of that market. We do this by creating a digital twin of the entire trade, which we monitor on a recurring basis – modern trade visibility on the traditional trade channel.” – Matt McNabb, Chief Revenue Officer at Premise.

Premise’s sell-in analysis, when combined with the Rolling Retail Census store-level data, predicts sellout metrics at a store level, building a single integrated analytics platform that provides product availability, execution intelligence, share of market, and sellout dollars at the sales region, city, and store level.

Now with MPS, manufacturers can access high-level market measurements that can be directly connected to actionable store-level opportunities for the distributor.

Recently, Premise entered a multi-year partnership with Coca-Cola FEMSA (NYSE: FMX) across Mexico. FEMSA is one the most significant distribution operations in Latin America and among the leading bottlers in the world. This developing relationship signifies a broader, more aggressive expansion strategy for Premise with a continued rollout of its MPS offering in one of the most important emerging markets in the world. Traditional Trade represents the largest channel not only in Mexico but globally. With two-thirds of the consumer transactions taking place in the Traditional Trade outlet, MPS provides more significant coverage and timeliness on the market than legacy, sample-based alternatives. 

“We’re offering a level of coverage in traditional trade that is unparalleled by anything in the market, making the invisible visible. Through our model, we’re able to visit stores regularly and gather reliable, real-time data on how products and promotions are performing that goes far beyond a simple sample-based approach.” – Alex Gilchrist, Director of Market Performance System at Premise.

Premise has consistently sought to push what is possible in retail data and insights. MPS is the next logical step in Premise’s mission to deliver high-fidelity and granular data in emerging markets across the world. Premise’s expansion of MPS in the LATAM market reflects a broader, more aggressive expansion strategy for the business in Latin America as a whole in 2023. Following its acquisition of Bogotá-based Grupo Meiko last year, Premise has significantly deepened its footprint in the region.

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