Analyzing Video Submissions to Determine Sentiments on the Russia/Ukraine War


Tracking Global Events | August 24, 2023

Premise is creating an AI-powered survey product combining the transcription, translation, and analysis of video and audio data collected via the Premise app. This technology can automatically extract invaluable insights by gauging the spectrum of emotions and pinpointing recurrent themes and nuanced subtopics.

To test the product, we asked Contributors in Ukraine if they believe their country is winning or losing its war with Russia and why. Results showed that 56% of Contributors believe Ukraine is winning the war, 19% believe Ukraine is losing, and the remaining 25% do not know. The app prompted them to explain their reasoning in a video. Using our new product, we can draw insights from these videos to identify common themes and subtopics and detect varying levels of emotions shown by each Contributor in their video submission.


Among those who believe Ukraine is winning the war,  our system identified six main subtopics in their responses:

  • We’re on the offensive and “moving forward
  • We’re “re-claiming territory”
  • We have a “fighting spirit”
  • We have “international support”
  • We have enough “weapons”
  • The “Russian army” isn’t strong enough

Some responses and their subtopics

Ukraine is winning the war because… “[it] is recapturing its territories, returning them. Russia cannot win this war… We will get all our territories back. Absolutely every one.”

Subtopic: reclaiming territory


Ukraine is winning the war because… “[it] is stronger in spirit. We are fighting for our homeland, for our land. We do not want Putin and his henchmen to rule here… Ukraine is an independent, free people who love their territory, their land, freedom, independence…”

Subtopic: fighting spirit


Ukraine is losing the war because… “what our government shows on TV is all false. I think we are being deceived. In reality, everything is much worse. Plus they closed the grain corridors, i.e. we cannot export grain… we may win a little somewhere on the front, but in reality, we will lose completely to Russia.”

Subtopic: government


Analyzing Video Submissions to Determine Sentiments on the Russia:Ukraine War-Subtopics
Our system also classifies responses into six main emotions: anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, and a neutral class. For each response, we are able to identify the Contributor’s main emotion. For example, 61% of Contributors expressed anger or disgust about the war, while only 22% expressed positivity or joy.
Analyzing Video Submissions to Determine Sentiments on the Russia:Ukraine War-Main Emotions