Haitians Receptive Towards Canadian Efforts in Country and Seek Closer Ties


Tracking Global Events | 13 February 2023

On February 5th 2023, the Canadian government announced the deployment of a RCAF CP-140 Aurora long-range patrol aircraft in response to the security situation in Haiti. The CP-140 will provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) to support Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) operations targeting gangs in Port-au-Prince. As the the security situation continues to worsen in Haiti, Canada has deployed aircraft into Haiti’s airspace to be able to disrupt gang activity and aid the Haitian national police. To better understand Haitians’ perceptions of Canadian efforts to foster stability in the country and their impacts, Premise fielded a rapid response survey


  • 77% of respondents were aware that the Canadian armed forces had conducted two intelligence gathering flights over Haiti. A majority (62%) trust Canadian messaging, that the purpose of the mission was to assist the security situation in Haiti and to support the Haitian National Police. Conversely, 38% are distrusting that the flights were for the reasons stated by the Canadian government.
  • 52% of those surveyed would like to see closer relations with Canada. Displayed in figure 1, the vast majority of Haitians would not oppose Canadian intervention in the country or having the Canadian military train security forces. Moreover, 31% of Haitians expressed that the Canadian government has made Haiti more safe.
  • In regards to the Haitian diaspora in Canada, 51% of Haitians have a favorable view, 39% are indifferent, and 10% have an unfavorable view.
    • While 82% of would like to see the diaspora involved to help solve the security and political crisis, only 61% of Haitians believe the diaspora is playing an active and positive role.
  • If respondents could choose a country to lead an international intervention in Haiti, 44% elected Russia, 23% elected Canada, and 12% elected the United States.

Perceptions on Effectiveness of Deployed Canadian Strategies to Remedy Security Situation in Haiti

Favorability of Entity


Premise launched this rapid response survey utilizing convenience sampling, a type of nonprobability sampling that is hyper efficient in dynamic events, involving the sample being drawn from the population that is ready to assist. Premise received 625 responses from mostly young males across 9 of 10 Haitian departments and 341 responses from Port-au-Prince.

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