Indonesia Football Stampede


Tracking Global Events | 6 October 2022

On October 1st 2022, over 130 people died and 300 more were injured after a football match at Kanjuruhan Stadium in the East Java province of Indonesia. This occurred after thousands of supporters invaded the pitch and clashed with security forces. The police deployed tear gas, triggering a stampede in the stadium. This is the second-deadliest disaster in the history of football worldwide, and raises questions about hooliganism, stadium safety, and police corruption in Indonesia. Premise released a sentiment survey in the wake of the tragedy to better understand how Indonesians felt these issues and the news of the event itself.



  • Among Contributors surveyed, 33% believe the issue of hooliganism is very bad and 46% believe it is somewhat bad in Indonesia.
  • Overall, 61% of respondents believe that the main cause of the disaster was hooliganism, followed by 30% attributing blame to the police.
  • 37% strongly agree that “corruption is a problem that affects the police,” followed by 33% who somewhat agree.
  • Nearly all of the Contributors surveyed agree that “corruption is a problem that affects my country” with 67% strongly agreeing and 25% somewhat agreeing. This tracks with Transparency International’s findings that 92% of people who think government corruption is a big problem

Who or what do you believe is the main reason for the disaster?


Premise collected sentiment data about the Kanjuruhan disaster in Indonesia, receiving 1000 responses between October 3rd and 5th. This survey utilized a convenience sample collected countrywide.

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