Locating Roadblocks Amid Crisis in Haiti



Tracking Global Events | 13 October 2022

Protester and gang-erected roadblocks have severely restricted the movement of people, critical services, and goods across Haiti. These blockades have exasperated fuel and water shortages, forcing schools and hospitals to shut their doors and prevented aid groups from distributing food to vulnerable populations.

For aid distribution agencies, governments, and commercial businesses, knowing the location of roadblocks is critical to planning and resuming operations. To better understand challenges on the ground, Premise asked contributors to submit observational data identifying roadblocks throughout the country. This product focuses on two urban areas where contributors reported the highest concentration of roadblocks in the country, Port-au-Prince and Gonaïves.

Roadblocks: Port-au-Prince

Roadblocks: Gonaïves

Gang Erected Checkpoints

Premise can corroborate reports that gangs have set up checkpoints across Haiti, extorting Haitians and aid workers for safe passage. In several Contributor submissions, there is evidence of individuals lingering at roadblocks, suggesting that some entities or actors are controlling passage across the blocks. Furthermore, when asked “How would you get passed this roadblock” many contributors answered “I ask for passage” or “I pay and I keep going”.


Contributors also answered questions about the roadblocks they reported on. Of all of the roadblocks contributors reported on, they asserted that 39% of roadblocks were not navigable by emergency vehicles, 44% would take more than 2 days to clear, and 15% would take more than 1 week to be passable.


Between September 30th and October 13th Premise collected 240 unique submissions across Haiti. The majority of submissions came from Port-au-Prince and Gonaïves.