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The year 2022 was full of unprecedented protests, groundbreaking state visits, important elections, and new challenges for the Middle East and North Africa. In 2022, Premise monitored how the war in Ukraine is jolting food prices in the region and predicted a tight race for Erdogan in Turkey’s 2023 elections. Furthermore, Premise has covered two major events in the region: Ramadan, tracking how rising food prices affected the Iftar table and charity during Ramadan around the globe, and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Political Economy of the Middle East



Elections in May 2022 shook all pillars of the Lebanese democracy. While some of the results reflect hope and progress, it was and is currently unlikely that structural changes sprung from it. This was in line with the results of our pre-election survey, with only 45% of respondents thinking the elections would make a difference. Hezbollah’s influence dwindled significantly; 80% of respondents think the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) should be the main armed forces.

What caused the country’s financial, monetary, and economic collapse?

Tunisia July Referendum

Tunisia’s July 25th referendum was marked by a low voter participation. 40% of Tunisian respondents expressed concerns that the process of drafting a new constitution could weaken Tunisia’s democracy. Almost 50% of respondents agreed that separating religion and politics would better serve Tunisia.

Which of the following statements is the closest to your view?

Premise poll predicts a tight race for Erdogan in Turkey’s 2023 elections. Read full article.

Politics and People

Al Sadr Chaos and Shaky Democracy
August 2022

  • Premise tracked a week of political protests and violence in Iraq as Iraq’s powerful Shia cleric, Muqtada
    Al Sadr, quits Iraqi politics.
  • Al Sadr is a figure of great importance in Iraq, especially to Shia Muslims, as he serves as their leader and cleric.
  • 70% of total respondents do not trust the parliament.

Do you support Muqtada Al Sadr’s movement?

Istanbul Explosion
November 2022

  • On November 15th, a bomb rocked a bustling pedestrian avenue in the heart of Istanbul, killing six people, wounding several dozen, and inciting panic across Istanbul. Premise released a survey gauging sentiment around safety and security in Istanbul.
  • 45% of respondents believed the event would increase ethnic, religious, cultural, or racial tensions in Turkey, with 26% holding an opposing view and 30% unsure.

How much of a safety concern is terrorism in your community?

Ramadan 2022 Annual Report

Read The Full Ramadan blog post.


  • In 37 countries with sizable muslim populations who observe Ramadan, approximately 6,800 Premise Contributors captured changes in food prices—particularly for wheat, one of the most important exports from Ukraine—and provide “ground truth” reporting on consumer behavior and sentiment.
  • Overall, the grocery price hikes affected almost 82% of our Contributors this Ramadan. In Yemen, 34% of Contributors had fewer beef and/or poultry meals this Ramadan. Purchasing meat and poultry has become a luxury in Yemen, resulting in less sacrificial animal slaughtering. Livestock markets witnessed an unprecedented stagnation due to the price hikes, with most sacrificial animals coming from outside the country. In Burkina Faso, 30% of Contributors had less food for iftar, the evening meal that ends the

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FIFA 2022

Premise tracked the World Cup around the globe. From Qatar to the world, people shared their favorite team and places of gathering to watch the World Cup games.

World Cup Tour Around the World