Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring in Development Work

by | Aug 9, 2023


The rise of smartphones and other technological advances will soon make real-time monitoring the norm for international development and humanitarian aid programs. As situations evolve and programs move to respond, organizations can use real-time monitoring to gain the insights needed to accurately respond and adjust, ultimately improving effectiveness and efficiency. This is especially important in the face of inherently dynamic challenges, such as natural disasters or conflict.

Several major international development and humanitarian aid organizations, including the World Health Organization, Chemonics, and the World Bank, are already using Premise to stay agile and responsive with real-time monitoring. See below for more detailed examples.

Premise can enhance real-time monitoring in the following ways:

    1. Immediate Insights – Premise data collection platform leverages a global network of contributors to rapidly collect and report program performance data, providing real-time visibility into metrics and facilitating timely decision-making.
    1. Proactive Issue Resolution – Our platform enables organizations to monitor key indicators and promptly receive data on deviations or anomalies, empowering proactive issue identification and resolution.
    1. Effective Management – Premise enables tracking of program performance through data collection and reporting, facilitating target setting, feedback provision, and necessary adjustments based on real-time insights.
    1. Agility – Crowdsourced data collection captures real-time changes in market conditions, demands, and relevant factors, allowing organizations to respond quickly, seize opportunities, and adapt strategies.
    1. Improved Forecasting – Continuous data collection enhances forecasting accuracy by providing reliable and timely data on trends, behaviors, and market dynamics, facilitating informed decision-making and optimized resource allocation.
    1. Motivation – Premise’s real-time metrics foster motivation among program personnel by demonstrating progress toward objectives and inspiring donors to contribute more through transparent performance visibility.
    1. Enhanced Beneficiary Experience – Premise’s data collection platform enables organizations to gather real-time beneficiary needs, feedback, and preferences, leading to better understanding, timely support, and tailored program.

Examples of Real-Time Monitoring with Premise

2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake 

The World Bank Data Lab used Premise to support an analysis of the immediate economic impacts of the Turkey-Syria earthquake. Premise’s data complemented other datasets to help identify critical gaps in the country’s resiliency and highlight the needs of the people, e.g., food availability, fuel prices, and hospital needs. 

By using Premise, the Data Lab was able to provide information to the Turkey Country Economist within days of the earthquake, resulting in actionable insights much faster than would be available otherwise. 

Health Services Monitoring in Wartime Ukraine

To minimize disruptions to the delivery of critical healthcare services after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the World Health Organization (WHO) has used Premise to collect data to determine health needs, quality of care, and accessibility. WHO quickly learned that pain medicine, antibiotics, and heart medicine were the most needed medicines and that security, time, and cost were the primary reasons Ukrainians had problems accessing these medicines.

Food Security Monitoring

Premise is currently used to monitor food security indicators in multiple countries to feed a famine early warning system. Contributors are asked about indicators related to crop and livestock health, income sources, drought, and labor.

Flooding in Southern Ukraine

After the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in southern Ukraine, Premise surveyed Contributors to understand the impact of the resultant flooding. The rapid response survey identified the top community needs—clean water/purification supplies, home and shelter repairs, and food supplies — as well as where those needs were most prevalent.

The survey also highlighted sentiment around the international relief response to the flooding; 64% of Contributors were unhappy with how international organizations responded.

About Premise

Premise offers a unique ability to quickly source information from real people on the ground in hard-to-reach places. Over six million people in 140 countries use the Premise app on their smartphones, enabling our customers to monitor a situation over time and employ a data-driven approach to timely decision-making. Read more about how Premise can be used for international development and humanitarian aid work.