Bringing the World Closer – One Video at a Time

by | Jul 11, 2022


In a sea of market research companies, Premise sets itself apart with its global reach. In today’s world, although we are easily digitally connected, there are very real physical separations caused by geography, resource limitations, and global conflict. This can make it difficult for our customers to obtain the sort of on-the-ground insights needed for their business goals. Our new app feature makes it that much easier to understand what’s really happening on the ground in any part of the world – whether in the next city over or a remote location across the globe, bringing us all a bit closer – one video at a time.

Our new video capture feature, rolled out this month on Android and iOS, enables our customers to access richer and more nuanced information from around the world, complementing our current photo capture capabilities. 

With this new method of data collection, our Contributors are now able to capture environmental conditions in real time as well as provide a more rich and holistic representation of where they are.

Videos run anywhere from five to sixty seconds, contain audio, and there are no limits on the number of videos that can be captured per task. We plan to add the ability to capture longer clips in future versions. Contributors are given a choice to record themselves with a front (i.e., “selfie mode”) or a rear-facing camera depending on the task at hand.

Videos provide important context that you just can’t get from a still photo. How has your day-to-day routine been affected since foreign forces have occupied your country? How are our products being displayed in partner retail stores? Show us a video of any crumbling infrastructure in your city.

These are just a few examples of the questions our customers are asking, and Premise’s Contributors are now providing them with answers like never before.

We encourage our Contributors to send us any feedback they have about the new video capture feature. In the app, go to “Settings” and select “Report a Problem.” There, Contributors can share their experiences along with any questions, concerns, or suggestions they might have.