In-Store Insights in Minutes, Not Weeks

by | Feb 7, 2023

In today’s ever-changing market, staying ahead of the competition is key. Leveraging timely data and insights from millions of smartphone users allows CPG brands to stay ahead of the curve and make more informed decisions quickly. With the right strategies, CPG brands can develop successful products that will continue to be successful in a dynamic marketplace.

Store panel data is outdated

Traditional market research methods are outdated and slow down decision-making processes with their inflexible data and limited sample sizes. Store panel data provides unreliable results, and delays in obtaining results limit a brand’s ability to act on growth opportunities quickly.

By leveraging tech-enabled crowdsourcing, CPG brands can receive real-time insights that provide more reliable analysis for marketing strategies and product placement. This method gives brands access to timely data that allows them to rapidly rectify out of stocks and track performance-related factors like pricing, promotions, and product placements.

Modern market research is essential for today’s brands

With a tech-enabled provider like Premise you get:

  • Huge coverage. Tens of thousands of stores can be audited at once, worldwide.
  • Same-day results. Track insights as they come in, and take action within minutes.
  • Store-specific intelligence. Inspect metrics, images, and scorecards from every store that matters to you.
  • Immediate Actionability. Same-day data + store-specific reporting = immediate action.
  • Flexibility. Change up your metrics, panels, and objectives whenever your needs change.

That’s how modern market research solutions allow CPG brands to detect emerging market trends faster, discover new growth opportunities, launch innovative products, and stay on top of their industry’s shifting dynamics, all while reducing costs associated with surveys or store panel data sources.


The bottom line is that modern market research is essential for any brand to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape. CPG brands could use slow and inflexible legacy methods – or they can draw on the power of millions of shoppers networked into a global retail intelligence field force. They can leverage the same out of date one size fits all datasets – or they can gain the advantage with same-day data that enables same-day action, making savings while driving up sales.

About Premise

Premise is a revolutionary insights platform that provides flexible, actionable, on-demand insights. With Premise, you can see where your products sit on retail partners’ shelves and how your competitors perform at the same time.
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