Getting Started with Hyperlocal Data Collection

by | May 16, 2019

The unprecedented growth of mobile technology around the world has opened up a whole new world of data that can be collected. Mobile technology provides the ability to collect highly targeted data from groups of people that would otherwise be extremely difficult to reach with other methods.

Technology and tools fueled by the growth of mobile have enabled the rise of remote contractors and workers. Through the gig economy, it is now possible to use a large network of people who are able to help build highly targeted ground-level datasets. In essence, with the growth in mobile technology, it is now possible to crowdsource the answers you need.

Premise has hundreds of thousands of real people crowdsourcing data worldwide giving you access to a whole new world of data. Unlike some methods of crowdsourcing, Premise uses targeted tasks to collect information via a network of local citizens. Our task-oriented, incentivized data capture generates structured inputs that enable a rigorous signal analysis of more complex questions.  

Through four easy steps, we can deliver actionable data to help your organization develop winning strategies you can trust. Follow along to see how we are able to get you the accurate and actionable data you need in a timely manner.


It first starts with the creation of a campaign. When you come to us with your questions we quickly transform them, from the most basic to the most challenging, into tasks. Tasks can be directed, with step-by-step instructions and specific target locations, or undirected, relying on serendipitous encounters. All of the tasks are available within our app’s task marketplace as either survey, place-based or route-based tasks.

Our end-to-end integrated operations console manages actions and quality control standards, segments users into groups, and dynamically assigns the right action to the right people at the right time. We can create a panel of Contributors specific to your organizations needs so that each research project is customized to your needs.

Campaign creation helps to narrow in on your specific fieldwork needs.


Once the campaign has been set up with the desired targeting, tasks are distributed in the Premise marketplace and completed by Premise Contributors using our mobile app. Contributors can provide photos and geolocation which provides an additional layer of rigor that questions alone don’t provide.

From Bangalore to Brazil, to your backyard, the Premise Contributor Network has the most widely distributed, curated global contributor network in the world producing millions of submissions a month. If a network is already in place where your study is situated, your data acquisition campaign can begin in as little as 24-48 hours. For new regions, we can recruit and train a network in two to four weeks almost anywhere in the world.

When users download the app they are put through a series of onboarding tasks to help acclimate them to how tasks are performed. This enables us to prepare Contributors to complete your tasks. We can also send push notifications and nudges to help prioritize certain tasks so they get completed quicker. For more complex tasks, Premise uses an Elite Network of users who have completed training and are equipped to handle a variety of more challenging data collection needs.

We utilize a network of Country Support Specialists who are available to help Contributors with specific problems and provide resources to help improve their usage of our technology.

View of the Premise app from the Contributor perspective.

Quality Control

Crowdsourcing is inherently an aid to data quality. Multiple Contributors are simultaneously performing the same tasks, so with multiple submissions, we are able to cross-reference the information helping to verify the validity of each submission.

Premise processes Contributor submissions using a combination of manual and automatic quality control and fraud detection checks to verify that findings meet specified requirements and mitigate attempts to game the system. Using a number of different data science techniques, we are able to consolidate location names and reported geolocations to identify and verify specific places.

We pay for their findings based on task complexity, degree of difficulty, duration or other valuation. Our micropayment system motivates Contributors to complete tasks in a timely manner and ensures adherence to submission rules.

Backend view of our quality control dashboard.


Once the data is verified by our rigorous quality controls, it becomes accessible in your dashboard. Based on your specific research campaign we can create customized dashboards that help you understand your data, from maps to photo walls we work with you to create the view you need.

Your customized dashboards enable you to gain complete program awareness. Dashboards map Contributor activity and data signals, such as individual and group performance over time and campaign success rates. You can drill into specific data points for a deeper understanding of program progress and trends. Data sets are also available for download in a variety of formats or may be accessed through an API.

View of different data points. Each point can be drilled into for additional information.


Through these four short steps, we are able to help you get the data you need. By customizing the collection process you get data that is highly tailored to your needs and answers your most pressing questions.

Crowdsourcing these answers allows for a fast collection of the data and our quality control process ensures it’s of the highest quality. So when you visualize the data, it’s exactly what you need.

Whether you work for the government, a humanitarian aid organization or a for-profit company, Premise’s technology allows you to answer the questions you have with ease. To learn more about how we can help you reveal the unknown, contact [email protected].