How are the British People Reacting to the Government’s Coronavirus Measures?

by | Mar 31, 2020


The latest analysis by crowdsourcing data company, Premise Data, into the UK lockdown suggests that British people are broadly supportive of the Government’s latest measures and are isolating where they can. However, it remains to be seen how long people will continue to support the Government’s stringent measures. Premise has identified a number of leading indicators to suggest that people might already be beginning to show signs of fatigue.

People are Getting the Message 

An average of 82% of respondents have watched or listened to the Ministerial broadcasts each day over the past six days.

Whilst we observed a gentle drop-off since Tuesday, it is clear that there remains a significant appetite amongst the British people for visible Ministerial leadership on this issue.

The Call to Action Last Weekend Worked

Whilst exceptions can always be found, Premise’s research suggests that those people who can, really are making an effort to distance themselves.

Over the last four days, an average of 85% of respondents have reported distancing themselves from people outside their homes.

People also seemed to respond to the Prime Minister’s call to remain at home on Mothering Sunday, with a 60% increase in those reporting that they were distancing themselves from others over the weekend. This trend has remained broadly unchanged since Sunday as the Government’s message has been repeated and re-enforced over the course of the week.

And despite >50% of respondents reporting a loss in income as a direct result of the Coronavirus…

…most people (75%) still have confidence in the Government’s ability to react to it.



The government is doing a good job at getting its message across, and people seem to be responding to it. However, our data suggests that fatigue may well be setting in already.  

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Premise Methodology

Premise’s analysis is based upon a survey of 1,341 submissions collected from its UK contributor network between 20th – 25th March 2020.  All of our Contributors conducted these surveys through the Premise App