Monitoring Dynamic Events: Pro-FAMA Protest in Bamako, Mali

by | May 27, 2022


On May 13, as many as ten thousand people gathered in Bamako, Mali to show support for the Mali armed forces (FAMA) and demand the expulsion of foreign forces.

Premise was able to collect both sentiment and observational data surrounding the protests by launching a variety of in-app tasks to understand both the scale of the event and the evolving sentiment from before, during, and after the protest. Our data collection included location information as well as still photos and video footage – a new Premise capability.

Our Contributor submissions made it clear that the Malian forces have significant support from the public as they continue to conduct operations in central Mali. Meanwhile, only 37% expressed support for the UN presence in Mali and 19% for the French presence.

To monitor sentiment and happenings on-the-ground before, during, and after the protest, Premise ran survey and observational tasks using convenience sampling, a type of non-probability sampling that is hyperefficient in dynamic events. However, the tasks were only offered to Premise Contributors with a qualifying trust score. 

Monitoring dynamic events such as this is critical to understanding the operating environment for international development and aid organizations. While traditional context monitoring and analysis often doesn’t follow a data-driven methodology, Premise enables a rigorous, data-driven method for monitoring what is happening on the ground, over time.

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