Premise Joins Other Innovators to Form Unlock Aid

by | Oct 18, 2021


Disrupting an Antiquated International Development System

In mid-September, Premise’s CEO, Maury Blackman, joined 19 other organizations in signing an open letter to USAID Administrator Samantha Power. The letter announced the creation of Unlock Aid—a coalition of more than twenty leaders and innovative organizations uniting to drive structural change in global development, starting with our public institutions. Public money for international development is locked in an antiquated system—making it difficult for innovators and NGO’s to have access to critical resources needed to scale solutions.

As a founding member of the coalition, Premise is helping lead the charge to reform the way in which public money reaches those in need across the globe by promoting more innovative and results-oriented approaches; ones that are currently lacking in international development. “Numerous private sector companies and innovators stand ready to support USAID and other international development agencies as they seek to combat pandemics, climate change, and extreme poverty. Many even bring outside investment to the table. Changing the rules and incentives that handicap these agencies can unlock this expertise and funding. Premise is proud to support this effort,” says Blackman. Immense challenges such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic can’t wait, and many large contractors aren’t delivering results at the speed required for real change. 

Premise looks forward to driving reforms with an unprecedented approach. Unlock Aid aims to create a standard for how USAID and other aid organizations around the world can usher in an era of innovation and results in international development.

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