Say Hello, to the New Logo

by | Sep 14, 2021


Say hello to our new logo! 

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Premise logo, our first big step towards revamping the Premise brand to better reflect our upward momentum in the data aggregation market. Here’s why we decided to move in this new direction.

The old logo played a pivotal role in helping to take the Premise brand to where it is today. So, we made it our goal to preserve the spirit of the old logo while also making it more modern, clean, and adaptable. With this update, we can now say our logo truly encapsulates the emerging and dynamic presence we have in the crowdsourcing market.

Having served us well for several years, we’ll always look back on our original logo fondly. But the road ahead of us is very exciting, and we’re proud to share a makeover that reflects our ambition. Take a look:

Our Head of Marketing, Michele Leung, and in-house design team partnered with global agency, Function, to create a new Premise brand identity.  

The new logo uses a brighter color palette, with coral as our primary color.  It follows the same nature as the original logo but gives it a more vibrant and modern feel. 

The changes are subtle but vital. On a practical level, by creating a clear space around the graphic, we hope to ensure legibility and impact by isolating it from competing visual elements such as text and supporting graphics. On a story level, we believe our new logo stands as a powerful symbol of upward progress. The right-angle shape within the logo contains a dynamic line that we’ll be bringing to life in various ways throughout our brand identity. It represents the key changes in direction that can be made based on our insights. 

Moving forward, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for all of our new visuals across the Premise website, app, and beyond. We’re excited for the future as we work to enable organizations around the world with Data for Every Decision™.