Topic Of The Week: Streaming Services Survey

by | Nov 19, 2021


We are excited to present you Premise’s newest feature: Topic of the Week. We continue to work towards making our app a community that is exciting for you to be in. With our goal of leveraging our technology to empower communities to turn their opinions into a payday, we think Topic of the Week gets us closer to this goal. These tasks aim to provide a wide range of topics that everyone can find something to contribute to while never having to leave home. 

For the next four weeks, we will be launching four surveys, each comprised of three questions, to learn more about what you enjoy. 

Our first-ever topic asked you about your movie-watching habits, and over 13,000 of our Contributors shared their insights. Streaming subscriptions are in high demand, but it seems like every major network and media company has launched its own streaming service. There are more shows to watch than ever, but deciding which service is worth your time and money can be overwhelming. 

When we asked which streaming services our Contributors used, Netflix was by far the most popular (25%), followed by Amazon Prime (18%), then Hulu (16%) and Disney+ (12%).

Which of the following streaming services do you use?

There’s a reason why Netflix has become shorthand for streaming in general. When chart-topping originals like Squid Games, Tiger King, or You launch, they grab the attention of millions of viewers while also gaining numerous praise and awards.

The Contributor choices we saw win in popularity during the topic of the week likely depends on which original shows and movies you want to personally watch, whether you need to consider kids, roommates, or sports fans, and of course, your budget

Which leads us to ask you: how much do you spend monthly on Streaming Services? Nearly half of our Contributors (48.54%) spend $1-$20 on streaming services, and just under 12% pay $51-$100 on streaming services each month.

Monthly Spend on Streaming Services

Here is where things get interesting; we asked Contributors, “How do you prefer to watch new movies?”. A shocking 25% of Contributors would prefer to watch a movie in person rather than streaming at home.

How do you prefer to watch new movies?

Though the United States has escaped from the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, unprecedented circumstances continue to hurt the movie industry. Major Hollywood companies are caught in a split between traditional movie watching and streaming video on demand. Consequently, some major companies are partnering with streaming services to show their films (like Dune being played on HBO Max). As the sun sets earlier and the holiday season is among us, it begs the question of whether we will be binging more TV at home rather than in theaters.

Do you agree or disagree with the results? Download the Premise app and participate in this week’s topic! Contributors are now deciding America’s favorite fried chicken sandwich. Help break the tie between Popeyes and KFC.