Video Capture: Adding Depth to Data Quality and Context Monitoring

by | Jul 13, 2022


When you can’t be in the field yourself, a video can be the next best thing. Premise’s new video capture feature enables our partners to access richer and more nuanced information from around the world, complementing our current photo and audio capture capabilities.

Our video feature makes it that much easier to understand the operating environment, and what’s really happening on the ground, in any part of the world. Video capture also adds a layer to data quality—partners can add video capture to data collection tasks as a way to confirm that interviews have taken place with your targeted demographic group.

A Premise partner conducting project monitoring and evaluation piloted Premise’s new video capture feature at a series of livestock markets in Sikasso, Mali, in advance of Eid al-Adha. Premise Contributors interviewed livestock vendors to capture sales data, and video recordings of the interviewees were used to augment Premise’s robust data validation and quality control features.

Videos can run anywhere from five to sixty seconds, contain audio, and there are no limits on the number of videos that can be captured per task. We plan to add the ability to capture longer clips in future versions. Contributors are given a choice to record themselves with a front (i.e., “selfie mode”) or a rear-facing camera, depending on the task at hand.

With this new method of data collection, our partners are able to better keep their eyes and ears on the ground. No other traditional data collection methods have this capability.
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