What is Outdoor Advertising? The Basics You Need to Know

by | Aug 31, 2020


Many companies and businesses clamor for high foot traffic areas, spaces and spots for outdoor advertising. It is because outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising helps get and build brand recognition. Trailerad, in a recent survey, found that 98% of people see outdoor billboard ads daily or weekly. Half of them mentioned that outdoor ads influence their buying decisions.

Whether you are a startup or run an established enterprise, learning what outdoor advertising is and why it is crucial for your business can help you improve your marketing and sale efforts.

Understanding Outdoor Advertising

While bus benches, billboards and transit advertising are effective for startups or small businesses, all successful outdoor campaigns begin with your location’s signage.

Sometimes the outdoor sign is the first thing potential customers see. That is why companies keep their signs sufficiently conspicuous and bright to attract customers’ attention. They aim to make it informative enough that potential customers get to know about the services and products.

Importance of Outdoor Advertising for Businesses

People spend a lot of time out of their houses every day for various reasons. It can be anything, including commuting to the office, driving kids to school, visiting family or friends, and shopping. Outdoor advertising, in this regard, is an excellent way to target people who are on the go.

Outdoor advertising sometimes works well for promoting services or products in specific geographic locations. It communicates the message to the target audience and gives them maximum exposure. Billboard advertising and street furniture are typical examples of OOH campaigns.

Precisely, well-designed outdoor advertising can help you:

  • Increase brand recognition by displaying your company’s information attractively and creatively. It helps customers remember the company’s name, contact info, logo and, most importantly, the services. Using outdoor advertising complements any brand recognition strategy.
  • Target specific locations based on the niche and industry; for instance, if you run a collision agency, you can set up a billboard on your area’s main highway. It will remind consumers about your product on their daily commute.
  • Inform customers about the company and deliver essential information even if buyers are engrossed in the daily tasks. If your business has rolled out a new service, you can keep potential customers informed by broadcasting information throughout home advertising.
  • Attracting attention is one of the best features of outdoor advertising. Businesses and companies can post ads in shopping malls, bus stops, gas stations, highways and office buildings. In short, companies can use anyplace where foot traffic is high.
  • Know that creative and strategic artwork amusingly attracts attention. The high-quality display and engaging design attract the attention of people quickly.

What are the Forms of Out-of-Home Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are giant posters that companies display in popular locations. These big posters have advertisements to attract large crowds. Creating a billboard is also beneficial to improve sales conversion.

Lamp Post

The lamp post banners are noticeable in street lighting. The banner style attracts people’s attention to see the sign. If the placement of a lamp post is correct, the outdoor advertising form is hard to ignore.


Outdoor advertising in transit refers to using vehicle-focused advertising. Companies use subways, buses, trains, rideshares and cabs for advertising their product and services.

Cinema Advertising

This form of advertising uses commercials before movies begin in cinemas or theatres.

Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising is an unconventional way to market products. It uses a shock factor to engage people in a marketing technique. Companies simply take an item and use a public place to create something different to add in the environment and draw passersby’s attention.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

It is an ideal form of a campaign that changes its displays continually. A digital billboard allows you to modify your advertisement in real-time when it is necessary. The flexibility gives the company an option for an out-of-home campaign that counts the days before a significant event.

Bottom Line

Outdoor advertising can cover almost everything people find outside their homes. This marketing form relies on the surroundings to make a point. Understanding your business locations and foot traffic is critical to making this tactic successful. 

The outdoor advertising allows companies to target potential customers, increase the brand’s credibility, and provide important information about the products and services.

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