Mystery Shopping

Take the Mystery Out of the Customer Journey


Gain a hands-on and unbiased view of the entire purchasing experience.

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We provide insights to:

We provide insights to:

Drive Revenue By Increasing

Customer Satisfaction

Gain a complete view of the customer experience
with crowdsourced mystery shopping:


Visiting the physical location to gather insights


Engaging with ecommerce from landing page to checkout


Calling the business’s main number and evaluating the quality of service


Using in-person, call-based, and online methods to uncover trends

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Observe, Evaluate, and Understand Buying Experiences

Human, Unbiased Insights Throughout the Path to Purchase

Understand what your customers experience during the buying process with in-store, in-the-moment insights.

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Gather Data You Can Act On

Data acquired from mystery shoppers is first compiled and analyzed by our platform to ensure accuracy and allow you to develop a reliable strategy.

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Uncover Inefficiencies In Your Business Model

A crowdsourced mystery shopping program helps organizations anticipate negative customer feedback and work to resolve problems preemptively.

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Global Data in One Simple Platform

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In 128 countries and 37 languages, Premise helps everyday people earn money by completing retail execution tasks right in the areas they live. Got a smartphone? You can join the community too.

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Premise In The Field

Unilever utilizes Premise to map first-mile supply chain in remote areas of Indonesia

Global CPG brand uses Premise to monitor retail execution in Brazil
Major Plant-Based Meat Brand Leverages Premise to Define Global Expansion Strategy