How CSD Brands Get More Visibility Into Retail Execution

by | Feb 8, 2023


Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) brands have long been on the lookout for new and innovative ways to increase their retail sales. One of the most successful strategies for achieving this goal is to build a picture of success for what the perfect store’s retail execution looks like. No matter how good their execution standards are, brands won’t see sales rise unless they strictly monitor and enforce their execution, week after week, store by store, in every town, city, and country that matters to their business.

Continue reading to learn how crowdsourced insights get brands more visibility inside retail stores, so they can improve execution and hold their partners to account – whether in suburban superstores in Ohio or the smallest tiendas in Oaxaca.

Store-level insights

Here’s where tech-enabled crowdsourcing comes in. This powerful solution leverages a global network of millions of smartphone users, who are ready to provide quick, accurate information that can monitor the retail execution in your top priority stores. Monitor how well your promotions are being deployed in the trade. Find the store that’s selling your products above RRP. Monitor the performance of your field teams, route by route, town by town.

Perfect your cooler execution

CSDs spend hundreds of millions installing branded coolers in their retail partners’ stores. In fragmented markets like Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia, those coolers will be scattered across tens of thousands of stores. For brands’ investments to pay off, the coolers need to be correctly positioned, correctly stocked, and correctly maintained. Brand’s field forces don’t have time to check every single cooler. But millions of smartphone users do. Leverage the crowd to find exactly which cooler is stocked with competitor products, and in exactly which store, so you can focus your field force’s time on fixing problems, not looking for them.

Cut costs and increase sales

Crowdsourcing gives you same-day data without the hefty fees charged by research agencies, so you can maximize your business’ margins. What’s more, data collected through crowdsourcing doesn’t just describe problems – it gives you solutions.

With a tech-enabled provider like Premise you get:

  • Huge coverage. Tens of thousands of stores can be audited at once, worldwide.
  • Same-day results. Track insights as they come in, and take action within minutes.
  • Store-specific intelligence. Inspect metrics, images, and scorecards from every store that matters to you.
  • Immediate Actionability. Same-day data + store-specific reporting = immediate action.
  • Flexibility. Change up your metrics, panels, and objectives whenever your needs change.

About Premise

Premise is a revolutionary insights platform that provides flexible, actionable, on-demand insights from over 130 countries. With Premise, you can see where your products sit on retail partners’ shelves, track your competitors, and hold your partners to account – all in one platform.