Introduction To The Women’s ERG At Premise

by | Feb 3, 2022


Building culture and ensuring employees have a feeling of empowerment in the workplace, have become focal points for many organizations over recent years. So much so, that these companies have created, or employees organically create specialized Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs. These established forums provide a tangible resource to network, share ideas, strategies, and experiences for employees. As an added benefit, ERGs provide an opportunity for those within the organization to gain a better understanding of the importance of inclusivity and diversity.

Women’s ERGs are founded with the mindset of providing women in the workplace with a structured internal organization that offers support, guidance, and the opportunity to build community. These groups are also not always exclusive to women, in many cases, men are encouraged to participate so they’re able to better empathize with the experiences of their coworkers. 

Premise started our Women’s ERG because a diverse group of women across many departments was interested in the opportunity to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential through collaboration, community, connection, and mentorship.

Group Goals:

– To provide programs, events, activities, and other opportunities for professional and personal development for all Premise women employees (all employees are welcome and encouraged to attend).

– To foster a climate of diversity and inclusion.

– To provide opportunities for open communication between represented and non-represented employee groups and executive leadership, affording women employees to feel safe and empowered to voice opinions.

– To increase female leadership at Premise, which in turn will increase business profitability.

In addition to meeting on a monthly basis, we’ve decided to create a hub for providing resources, stimulating discussion, and sharing best practices.

Please leave any feedback on Employee Resource Groups in general. We look forward to sharing recaps of our Premise Women’s ERG meetings, Executive Spotlights and other exciting external efforts!