Topic of the Week: Favorite New Year’s Resolutions

by | Jan 6, 2022


The final Premise Topic of the Week of 2021 involved getting to know how many Contributors plan on making changes in 2022. We wanted to know what form those changes might come in, as well as how compelled they were to adhere to the promises they’re making themselves.

In the final week of December, we asked Premise Contributors to tell us about their New Year’s Resolutions. 

With nearly 22,000 responses from Contributors residing across the U.S., the results are in.

Here are some takeaways we gathered from asking Americans about their resolutions and their likelihood of sticking with them. 

Physical Health or Fitness is the Most Popular Resolution Heading into 2022

According to 22,394 responses, a whopping 40% said their resolution was to improve their physical wellness. Twenty-six percent said improving their mental health was their goal for 2022.

With Covid running rampant for its second year, it’s no surprise to see that many have an impulse to return to their normal routines, whether that be exercising or merely socializing with others in person.

Many Are Tackling Multiple Resolutions

Of the 57% of Contributors who said they’d be making a resolution this year, 31% noted they had more than one in mind. This level of ambition, again, might be linked back to Covid and an eagerness to emerge from these times better than ever.

With the top three resolutions involving physical health, mental health, and improved personal finance, any combination of those goals sounds like a fantastic way to get off to a hot start in 2022.

Sixty percent of respondents answered that though they sometimes choose to create New Year’s Resolutions, it is not an every-year practice.

With 57% saying they’re making one for 2022, there’s yet another indication that for this upcoming year, for the most part, people want to make positive changes in their lives after the limitations pushed on them the past two years.

For the Most Part, People Stick To Their New Year’s Resolutions

About three-quarters of respondents said that they’ve stuck with their resolutions in the past, though the level of dedication varies. Only 12% said they stick to their promise every year — which makes sense, since resolutions are often lofty goals we give ourselves for an entire twelve-month period.

However, 65% of Contributors that took part in our survey claimed to have stuck to their resolutions in the past. Though these respondents may not stay true to their goals every year, it seems the majority of them can commend themselves for at least having done it once in their lives. 

And with the apparent eagerness for some to make multiple changes in 2022, it’s entirely possible this could be a year where we see more people meet their goals.