Navigating Today’s World with Confidence: Why Real-Time Insights are Essential to Location Services

by | Feb 21, 2023

Whether looking for the nearest dry cleaner or finding the cheapest gas station during a road trip, you’re most likely using location services. People all over the world rely on this technology in their daily lives. However, most don’t consider all the data behind their preferred location services and how it affects different industries.

Industry leaders like Google, Lyft, Instagram, and Yelp would be lost without navigation and interactive mapping. These companies often hire full-time employees to collect and deploy the data to update the interactive maps you see daily.

Users will lose trust in location services if they aren’t accurately and frequently updated. Read on to learn how real-time insights can make them more accurate, efficient, and credible.


Real-time Information Improves Credibility

Points of interest (POIs) change very frequently on a map. The attributes of those POIs change even more rapidly. Keeping POIs up-to-date can be very challenging. Without accurate and up-to-date information about POIs, location services risk losing users’ trust, which can result in them downloading a different app. This can also make their entire product ecosystem less credible in general.
Keeping these attributes and places updated with frequent data is even more essential in an era of economic instability. To improve credibility and ensure location services consistently have accurate POIs, location services need people on the ground to collect data and report their findings in real-time.

Premise has a network of over 6 million Contributors who gather insights on POIs across hundreds of categories. We engage our Contributors as they go about their everyday lives, which allows us to provide data and insights in real time. We were even able to capture information on retailers that were open or closed during the pandemic when major mapping providers struggled to capture data from their typical sources.


Insights Cut Costs

Today’s modern interactive maps can incorporate millions of data points, including street names, intersections, stores, restaurants, whether or not they’ve got traffic lights or stop signs, and much more. These POIs can change very frequently. When location services onboard teams to go out and collect data for them, they hire full-time employees, costing them millions of dollars annually.

Premise Contributors are normal, everyday people looking to earn supplemental income whenever and wherever they want. Unlike traditional expensive market research household panels or full-time employees, Premise Contributors are unbiased gig workers that can collect dozens of data points in the field at an unmatched value.


App Reliability Maximizes Active Users and Revenue

When social media users discover new locations, they’ll want to find them on their location services. If their maps aren’t accurate, they may go to the wrong location or find out that it’s closed. Location services can’t retain users if the information on them isn’t correct. But when these apps are correct and consistently up to date, users will gravitate to them. Not only does this retain them, but it can also grow active user counts, ultimately increasing revenue.


About Premise

Premise is a revolutionary insights platform transforming the data industry by delivering near real-time, reliable consumer insights in 140 countries from over 6 million Contributors worldwide. The platform helps location services reach their goals of creating hyper-local maps and a richer set of POIs.

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