Everything You Need to Know About End Caps

by | Feb 6, 2020


Having many different aspects behind visual marketing can seem daunting. But when properly utilized, there are ways in which a business owner can ramp up the visual aspect to create more buyers. One of the commonly used ways in which sellers will do this is with end caps. But what exactly are end caps?

Next time you find yourself walking through a store that has multiples aisles, look at the ends. You know exactly where I’m going with this. Those displays that are set up on the ends of aisles, sometimes every aisle, are end caps. They cap the end of each aisle in an attractive, eye-catching way to help buyers notice commonly purchased products that they may need on their visit.

Utilizing end caps is all about proper branding. Many end caps are used to promote special deals, which is a perfect use for them. Having a great looking end cap is a great idea but having an awesome end cap with a special deal is even better.

Rules to Live By

Having end caps throughout a store is important, especially in the visual merchandising game. But a retailer or supplier (depending on who provides the end cap) has the responsibility of putting them together for consumers in a way that is utilized properly. Having a suitable marketing scheme is important when using your end caps so they don’t seem out of place. But also, so consumers don’t just walk by them without noticing the products they are promoting.

It’s important to first keep in mind who is responsible for the display, or displays in some cases. If you are the business owner and a supplier buys the end cap from you for their own use, it is their responsibility to care for the end cap. They will need to keep it stocked and looking great on their own. If you, the retailer, have utilized the end cap then it befalls you to take care of these items yourself. Or the third option is to co-manage the end caps between retailer and supplier.

Also, keep in mind exactly who the end caps are for. Who do you want to notice them? And what type of buyer are you looking to attract with your end cap? These are important questions because the marketing for the end caps can be geared toward the consumers you would like to attract.

The items being stocked in your end cap(s) are one of the more obvious key elements to keep in mind. But it’s vital to keep the range of products small. Or have no range at all and utilize the end cap for one, specific product. This provides an easier marketing plan that will be more attractive to consumers. It is much simpler to set eyes on an end cap with one or two products to observe, compared to an end cap with a bunch of different items. Keep the decision an easy, straightforward one.

Timing is also critical. When you think about it, if you see an end cap with seasonal Valentine’s Day items in the middle of June, you will probably be more confused than anything. Or an end cap that has an item such as beach balls and pool noodles in the middle of winter. Timing is everything for end caps. The right products at the right time are essential to success.

When you do have that next visit to your favorite store to take a look at the end caps, it’s also very important to note the location. End caps cannot just be placed anywhere in the store. When you have the opportunity to check them out, you are in all likelihood going to notice that they are located near the front of the store. Placing your end caps at the front of the store gives the customers the perfect opportunity to see them immediately as they enter the establishment.

Elements for Successful End Caps

There are always going to be tons of new items and products entering the marketplace. End caps are a great way to promote new products in your store. Especially if there is also a deal tied to the product’s release.

You will also always want to promote your special brand. This goes for every aspect of the business, but remember to provide that influence with end caps too. Keep a theme in mind when you’re creating a new end cap.

It is also important to stay on top of your end caps to make sure that they are still doing their best to serve their purpose. This means; ensuring the product is fully stocked, making sure the unique features of the display are intact, fixing any visible issues that may be present. The list could go on, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative too!

Keeping up with the maintenance of your end caps adds to their success. Keeping your displays looking their best will continue to attract customers and therefore help in the sale of your end cap products.

End caps can also provide a secondary purpose. Yes, you want your consumers to buy the products promoted in your end caps. But you can also promote items in your end cap that relate to the products within that specific aisle. So, pique your customer’s interest with your end cap and let them check out the entire aisle.

The added benefit of utilizing end caps in the marketplace will always create a special opportunity to help promote new and exciting products to your consumers.