How Brands Can Find New Stores to Stock Products in Emerging Markets

by | Jan 26, 2024


Finding new stores to stock your products can be daunting. Without access to up-to-date store lists or a way to track the emergence of new outlets, manufacturers, bottlers, and distributors in emerging markets can struggle to expand their reach and increase sales.

Fortunately, with the Premise Availability Tracker, brands have an innovative tool to gain valuable insights regarding store-level data quickly. These insights allow brands to not only discover new potential stores but also know when existing stores need restocking.

The Availability Tracker offers various features, including spotting out-of-stocks in specific stores and identifying and expanding into new locations, such as assessing competitor product presence to judge a store’s potential.

Brands can increase the efficiency of their in-store retail strategies by identifying the most promising stores to visit, helping the salespeople avoid spending time selling to low-potential outlets. On top of that, they’ll also receive ongoing updates of high-potential stores for the field teams to take appropriate action on maximizing distribution, meaning no opportunity will go unaccounted.

Combined with Premise’s ability to deliver this data to you in near real-time, the Availability Tracker provides brands with photographic evidence of the new stores and the store name, address, and coordinates so that you can assess all possible locations from your office.

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New Stores and Locations Identified

An example of a business taking advantage of these insights is a top beverage company that assessed 3,200 stores across four cities in just four weeks using modern market research.

After analyzing Premise’s reporting for abnormalities, the company identified new stores and locations that required restocking—all from the comfort of their office.

The success of their project leads them to purchase repeat data for 50,000 stores, showing how powerful Premise’s reporting system is at helping businesses find new product outlets.

Whether you’re running a large organization or small business, anyone can take advantage of this technology and expand their product reach further than ever.

Hundreds of New Outlets Uncovered

A CPG manufacturer was searching for ways to expand their distribution opportunities of traditional trade in one of Mexico’s top three largest metro markets, Monterrey.

Premise’s Global Contributor network helped the company collect detailed store attributes, including store name and location coordinates. They also conducted shopkeeper interviews to understand the availability and pricing of specific competitor brands and SKUs, and they captured high-resolution images of the store shelves.

Premise helped the company uncover over 200 traditional trade outlets that represented substantial growth opportunities while also revealing that their distribution lagged behind a pair of competitor brands.