How to Get More Visibility Into Promotional Display and Price Execution

by | Feb 12, 2024


CPG brands spend millions of dollars on in-store displays and materials to inform shoppers about temporary price reductions (TPRs).  

In emerging markets, manufacturers rarely have access to same-day, store-by-store data on whether their point of sales materials (POSM) are being correctly executed. Furthermore, manufacturers also find it challenging to ensure promotional price compliance by all retailers and stores. With the Premise Availability and Price Trackers, brands have a cutting-edge tool to quickly gain valuable insights at the store level. 

Premise’s innovative smartphone-enabled technology leverages our global network of over six million Contributors to provide quick and accurate data that can track and monitor how well your promotional materials for TPRs are being deployed across markets, at the store level. 

With Premise, brands can receive same-day data on how well high-priority stores are executing TPRs. This allows you to immediately take action to correct and fix errors in the promotional execution while it is still live. 

The Premise Price Tracker also provides brands with photographic evidence of the in-store promotional displays and materials, along with the details of all stores that are not compliant, so you can swiftly take steps to change the outcome.

Unlike conventional market research practices, which typically offer reports weeks or months after a promotion has already finished, Premise delivers store-level information on the same day, from every single store that matters to you. 

With a tech-enabled provider like Premise, you get:

  • Huge coverage. Every single store in cities and regions that matter to you.
  • Same-day results. Track compliance on TPRs on the same day, and take prompt action.
  • Store-specific intelligence. Inspect in-store compliance of promotional displays and materials with up-to-date images.
  • Instant actionability. Same-day price tracking + store-specific reporting = immediate action.

In-Store Visibility on Promotional Compliance

A major global beverage brand used Premise to provide in-store visibility into its energy drink promotion. Traditional data had proven too slow. They needed insights while the promotion was running, not afterward when it would be too late to correct poor compliance.

Leveraging Premise’s Contributor network, they performed 1,200 retail audits for their energy drinks. Despite 80% of stores stocking the product, the brand learned that only 10% had promotional material on display.

Premise’s same-day data allowed them to adjust their promotional pricing and advertising strategies to improve ROI during the promotion period.